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CoSEA Mission:

  • Advocate taxpayer rights through professional and ethical representation.
  • Promote the recognition of the role of Enrolled Agents as "America's Tax Experts".
  • Support and enhance the professional growth of our members.


New Members...

Please welcome these recent new members... Harvey Koehler, Dennis Schock, and Randy Stafford.

CoSEA Fall Practitioner Conference, Oct 21 - 22...

Now that the IRS Tax forum is over and done, it's time to go ahead and get registered for the CoSEA Fall Practitioner Conference in October. You can learn more by perusing the attached flyer and reading the speaker bios. This year there is a choice the first day between a controversy track and compliance track. If you're ready, you can jump right to the registration.

CoSEADVISOR Subscription Link...

If you're a member of CoSEA, you are already enjoying CoSEA's periodic newsletter "The CoSEADVISOR". If not, you may want to click the button at the bottom of the sidebar at the right and subscribe. This is an excellent way to keep abreast of the latest news and updates regarding CoSEA's programs and events. 

July 2015 Board Retreat...

Twice a year the CoSEA leadership takes a day to plan and prepare for the coming months. As you can see, the meeting is well attended. Terry Durkin, NAEA President, was also in town and made a presentation to the group.


A noontime nap

CoSEA Members Attend NAEA Fly-in Day

Each year, NAEA hosts a Fly-in Day as a means for members to meet with their elected representatives to discuss important issues that affect the business and practice of enrolled agents. CoSEA was well represented.

UPDATE!!! - Want to learn more about what happens at an NAEA Fly-in Day? Anita Ward and Kim Lothringer have both taken the time to put together really quite excellent reviews of their day with Congress. Click on their links to hear their stories and gain some understanding why they went and what they accomplished. 


CoSEA Members Attend NAEA APEX meeting...  

Paul Katcham and Linda Ward attended the May 14-16 meeting for NAEA State Affiliates in Washington DC. Paul wrote a short overview of the meeting and you can read more about it here in Paul's Apex Letter.

Apex Mtg

NAEA Profile Affiliate Challenge...

The NAEA has issued a challenge to the state affiliates in an effort to increase the usefulness of the NAEA find an EA membership database. Here's a flyer describing the process: NAEA Profile Affiliate Challenge. While you're thinking about it, you might also take a look at your CoSEA member index to see if anything there needs updating. 

UPDATE: NAEA has provided an overview of the process for updating your NAEA website profile. Here it is.


Scam Email Targets Tax Professionals!...


If you receive an email requesting you to update your IRS E-Services account information. Do not respond. It is a scam attempting to gain access to your account. Read on.


Karen L. Hawkins, Director, Office of Professional Responsibility, has asked us to get this information out to our members ASAP!

"An email is being issued to tax preparers asking them to log into their e-services account and update their EFIN information. This email was not generated by e-services and the links provided in the email appear to be a phishing scam to capture their e-services username and password. If you receive any calls regarding this email, advise the caller not to click on the links provided, and disregard the email."

Taxpayer Advocacy Panel...

Keep abreast of Dan Halleman's role as a member of the IRS Taxpayer Advocacy Panel, an advisory committee with a goal of assisting the IRS improve customer service through the coordination of processes for collecting taxpayer input and collating this input into recommendations for IRS actions, here on the CoSEA site. You can learn more about the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel and Dan's activities in his comments here and by visiting the TAP website.   

Interested in putting a CoSEA Member's only logo on your business's website?

Follow this link and, after logging in with your member id and password, you'll find a page with CoSEA Member logos.



NAEA Phone Numbers: 
202-822-6232 or Toll Free:  855-880-6232

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The Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents is a professional membership organization dedicated to representing, promoting and enhancing the Enrolled Agent profession.  Enrolled Agents are equipped to handle the most complex tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations and LLCs, and are nationally enrolled to represent tax payers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service.

Enrolled Agents provide much more than just tax preparation. We work with taxpayers to solve your audit and tax problems. Many provide tax planning, well before the tax return is to be filed. Some provide guidance for new business startups and business consulting. Some Enrolled Agents offer bookkeeping, account, payroll services, estate planning, financial planning or investment services.

Foremost, Enrolled Agents are tax specialists. Whether for individual or business income taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes, personal property or estate taxes, look to an Enrolled Agent to find a tax expert and the help you need!

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