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CoSEA Mission:

  • Advocate taxpayer rights through professional and ethical representation.
  • Promote the recognition of the role of Enrolled Agents as "America's Tax Experts".
  • Support and enhance the professional growth of our members.


We like to take this opportunity to welcome the following new members: Richard Walkup, EA; Aaron Tower, EA; Suzanne Rosty, EA; Lucas Hauschild, EA; and James Gardner, EA. Hope to see you at a meeting soon!

The Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents is a professional membership organization dedicated to representing, promoting and enhancing the Enrolled Agent profession.  Enrolled Agents are equipped to handle the most complex tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations and LLCs, and are nationally enrolled to represent tax payers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service.

Enrolled Agents provide much more than just tax preparation. We work with taxpayers to solve your audit and tax problems. Many provide tax planning, well before the tax return is to be filed. Some provide guidance for new business startups and business consulting. Some Enrolled Agents offer bookkeeping, account, payroll services, estate planning, financial planning or investment services.

Foremost, Enrolled Agents are tax specialists. Whether for individual or business income taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes, personal property or estate taxes, look to an Enrolled Agent to find a tax expert and the help you need!

A New Year's Message from our President...

The members of CoSEA’s elected leadership team convened in retreat to sort out and collectively foster an action plan for the coming year.  We generally believe that as a direct result of the connections individually forged between members our organization will continue to grow stronger through member unity.  Our goal as the elected leadership team is to make it more convenient for members to regularly come together, commiserate, and connect over the trials and tribulations endured through our respective journeys as America’s Tax Experts.  We want our members to be enriched by formal curriculum as well as by sharing of experiences.  In pursuit of this goal we intend to:

1.       Promote the EA designation state wide

2.       Provide even more educational seminars

3.       Offer more variety in the regular monthly meeting venue

4.       Facilitate member-to-member connections

5.       Grow membership ranks

Inside this 5 point plan there is plenty to do and enough room for contributions of all shapes and sizes so don’t hesitate - hop on board! We're looking forward to a great new year for our industry and our organization!


John R. Dundon II, President

Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents

NAEA Phone Numbers: 
202-822-6232 or Toll Free:  855-880-6232

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The Registration Link for the Fall Practitioner Conference is Now Available...

You've already set aside November 16th through the 18th to join us at the CoSEA Fall Practitioner Conference. Now you can get registered. Click right through to the registration here! And to take a look at an overview of the schedule click this link. There's also a page of speaker biographies, if you'd like a little more detail. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Circular 230...

As you are likely aware, the IRS has updated Circular 230.  They recently put together some guidance for practitioners on the subject. While no substitute for a good review of the complete Circular230, the guidance can be found here. If you'd like a video review here's an IRS webinar that provides a pretty good overview as well. 

Taxpayer Advocacy Panel June Update...

Keep abreast of Dan Halleman's new role as a member of the IRS Taxpayer Advocacy Panel, an advisory committee with a goal of assisting the IRS improve customer service through the coordination of processes for collecting taxpayer input and collating this input into recommendations for IRS actions, here on the CoSEA site. You can learn more about the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel and Dan's activities in his comments here and by visiting the TAP website.   

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